How Can We Help You and Your Family?

  • Support and Referral to maximize your local school, therapeutic, and legal resources
  • Identification of Resources and Supports for your child and family including schools, academic supports, treatment, and assistance with self-advocacy
  • Research & Referral to local, regional, national programs, schools & agencies for evaluation and services in the areas of: learning needs, social and mental health issues, specialized services for medically involved children, or children with autistic spectrum disorders
  • Collaboration and Planning with other professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, educators, physicians, counselor, attorneys, rehab professionals, social workers, special education providers to support your child and your family
  • Educational and Therapeutic Placements including:

    • Residential Treatment Centers
    • Boarding Schools (Emotional Growth, Therapeutic)
    • Boarding Schools (Traditional)
    • Therapeutic Programs
    • Crisis Intervention/Placements for At-Risk Youth
    • Psychiatric Hospitals
    • Transitional Independent Living/Young Adult Programs
    • Summer Camps – specialized, educational, therapeutic, adventure
    • Specialized programs for children with complex medical issues or children with autistic spectrum disorders
    • Outdoor Behavioral Health (Wilderness Programs & Outdoor Therapeutic Programs)